What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a topic that spans many areas. The reasons for consulting a ghostwriter e.g. for a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation are manifold. Often it is because of the family or work situation, the affected have no time to write their diploma thesis and complete their studies, in which much time and effort has been invested. It may be that there is a migration background that, despite all the technical qualifications, leads to problems in formulating in German. In many cases, the supervision of the diploma thesis by the professors is inadequate, starting with too little support in the concept creation up to months long waiting periods to receive feedback on parts of the diploma thesis.

Due to my diverse qualifications and experience, I offer help in many fields. Read more about economics, sociology, psychology, education, law, health science, history and philosophy, building technology.

Do you want to write independently? Here are some useful tips and information for writing diploma theses for you!

Further scientific work

Of course, as a ghostwriter, I also write other scientific papers, as well as dissertations and doctoral theses, as well as master theses, bachelor theses, seminar papers and term papers. Due to extensive research, empirical surveys such as case studies, problem-centered interviews, expert interviews or questionnaire analyzes, it is always important to create methodologically sound and scientifically sound texts that exactly match the specifications.

Here writes the boss himself

In contrast to other providers, I write most of the work myself. It is not my personal intention to expand as much as possible – but for me it is the passion for writing that is the central motive of my work as a ghostwriter. I create individual projects together with technically competent partners. So there are no costs for any administrative apparatus included in the price – and only two people work together throughout the project, you only talk to me and we coordinate the project on an ongoing basis. Together, we ensure that all requirements are met in the best possible way.

Write a biography

With pleasure I work as a ghostwriter also biographies for you. In the case of a biography, we meet for repeated interviews, which I perform according to specific questioning techniques, electronically record and transcribe. The transcripts finally create a dramaturgically exciting, pointed text. Above all, biographies of prominent personalities usually sell very well as well. I was already able to write several such books. Additional marketing options Amazon offers the e-book Kindle. Here the manuscripts can be easily adjusted, such as my book for company founders:

Non-fiction books for private individuals and companies

Even non-fiction books such as my above-mentioned “From Idea to Business” for individuals and companies are always a topic for a ghostwriter. After completion, as with all diploma theses, the rights are transferred to the client, who can then publish his work at will. The advantage for the companies is that they can clearly communicate their expertise with their own non-fiction book. It can be used as a gift for customers or, in terms of content marketing, attracting the attention of the internet via an appropriate link to the company, giving you a decisive competitive advantage.